Wednesday, December 23, 2015


A Paradigma: To live to Society, or to Power ?
Remembering that all Governmental Directives of Country, how ; Programs,Projects of Laws, among others, passing to cribble of the President.
I going to Broach some profiles that influence about this two variables.
.Mathematics Profiles: Can to give much value to processes, quantifying many the details, and solutions logics, having than a the locking in some solutions speeds.(Sometimes outlined for : Economists, Scientists, and others of the exacts areas.
.Humanists Profiles: Can to act moved for emotions, and to salve one fish in present, and to die ten in future, not using strategic thinking , without to isolate sectors and people, and to think global.
. Dogmatics Profiles: All can to turn paradigma taking much time, and  accumulating necessities of  solutions speeds .
. Democratics Profiles: Can to involve people without learn of cause, of systems téchnical, and blocking process, and causing tumults.
. Republicans Profiles: Can to get the faith public, and not to correspond, and to lose, the production and, inspection of the Three Powers.

The thinking logic that stay to observe are differences, and work it better. " To Gestion Administrative that isn't is formed to Council, is need to be polivante ".

Observation: The people wait the mean 3, however some causes to Gestion Administrative is much out of the Equilibrium Point, inside of the Profile on some variable, needing to have approach 4 or 5.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


How already the verb movement, out of the inertia, Social Movement is group with to direction of actions to society, so soon get your notability for up flag of question social.
Some characteristics of success are:

. Partisan Neutrality
. Transparency
. Social Valorization
. Show of Errors Social Politics
. Not to sale to Actions Favorable and financial
. Not to Action for Revenge
. Fidelity to the Cause (Flag or Paste)
. Actions Equalized with reality temporal

Some factors to observe are; the devaluation politics (generating falta of credibility, and incapacity of administration, believe that to turn politic is action involuntary, and elected by suffrage of majority).
Solutions that may to get are : Pronouncement of Government , Attendance of Commission, or Public Audience . . .

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


How at reasoning of Mr.Maquiavel, Nicolau, that a maintenance do power begin in people, and a king that listen to people, excluded going to having descendants of the power, or it be not inherit the throne, doing so a variable important to gestion the Participative Democracy, equality of rights by citizen participation in Government, all the process in questions of divergences of politics proposal, should to get a communication clear of benefits and conditions to the parts interested, observing the impact polemico, to not generate  tumultuous manifestations.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Setting the Government Press Office as people (channel) between the Government and Medias, promotion news, not customer relationship that can make for a Secretary.The News should focus on Target, so that there are no other grab. Example: A note promoted Real Estates Sector in response to news about real estate speculation of price, the Financial Sector in the Stock Exchange Panel sales of shares of the companies biggers moves the industry in the country.
Thinking on that side can set this phases: preparation of news or Note, printing in case of negative responses to feedback, we can choose the Crisis Management.
Considering Crisis as news that causes the situations proportions out of control, or revealed significant proportions; We suggest some actions that can to be Tooks met with the Committee of Crisis, with critical news time evaluation, management and reversion speed, with other notes or news before the biggers proportions acquere, market, or deed population. Other widely used is note on National Television Network.
The whole process can for the basis of dates and indicators; Participatory Demogracy or Entity Search.

Thursday, August 6, 2015


This class directed to commercial relations, where may to be the problems of some Countries, in questions of equality , and democratic.Some of the principality motive of BRT (Barriers, Restrictions, and Treaties), are variables of Risks, Protection, and Punishes;The Risks of the break economic, may to be in production for cause of entrance of products, or raw-materials with prices not competitives; where's may to be elaborated a Treaties of Commercial Relation, with shoulds and Obligations, containing Taxes,Quotas,Products Types,Sectors,Deadlines,and Beneficieis.Already the Punish is in the Sansions coersives to adjustments in protection of lives.Exemple ALCA, Versalles Treaties, Mercosul, the Treaties may to be direct, or officialized in Organization of the help Economic.a factor to observe is the quantification by Organization of benefits to people of Country ...

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Thinking in Debts, may if  to have a idea payments automatics, but there's many forms of discharge of debts, I do to citation of the form more in used, having in view the necessaries of rapidity for infrastructure.
Many Countries search investments by financings, that sometime turn in ball snow, a error common is an estimate of budget crossed with débts, or be, if do investment in paving of roads, all raising of tax generation of investment should to be to discharge the debt, a system well common is the debts amortization, where the financing to every parcel, if pay the rates, and debt part.when not possible the Country make the estimate, the Investor give support into of the Government,  through specialist internal.

There are others Methods of Negotiation Amortization Reversed (in Deficit ), Depreciation (Without Conditions), and Amortization (in Surplus).Deficit = Country with Economics Results Index in lack(below), Superavit = Country with Econimics Results Index in up (above), Depreciation= Pardon in debits parts, or negotiation of sales and change of products in the importations...